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Jessica Maloney
Jessica Maloney was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She always gravitated towards the arts and eventually received a BFA in photography from Bowling Green State University. Upon graduation Jessica knew that she wanted to continue her artistic career and further develop her love for photography and digital imaging. She got a chance to do just that while living in Juneau, Alaska for 2 and a half months after graduation. While there, she photographed the beauty of her surroundings, but also paid attention to the culture and aged appearance of things as well. She also gained access to a computer lab at the University and was able to continue her digital imaging as well.

After her journey to Alaska was over, Jessica settled down in Cleveland, Ohio again and worked as an imaging specialist in a company that specialized in Traditional and Digital Photographic output. This allowed her to gain some technical skills in the field but she realized that she would not be content unless she was creating her own work. After a year, Jessica decided that it was time to focus on her artwork full time again, and she moved back to Bowling Green, Ohio to work towards her MFA in Digital Arts.

While working towards her MFA, Jessica grew both as an artist and as a person. During those two years, she had the opportunity to live and study in Italy for 6 weeks. While there, she had a studio and darkroom in Florence and was able to stretch the bounds of her approach to photography and mixed media.

In May of 2003, Jessica had her MFA show and is now pondering the next step in her artistic career. She is currently planning to continue her travel adventures and move to Tucson, AZ with her boyfriend and fellow artist, Zak Knudtson.

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