Jessica Artist Statement
My work is an excavation of the mind and soul,
which becomes a collection of thoughts, emotions,
and memories. Even as we try to concentrate on
what is happening in the present, and although we
think we completely control our thoughts and actions,
sometimes we are affected by unseen details that are
beyond our typical perception. The philosopher Henry
Bergson said that our perception is a mix of, "pure
perception with any amount of memory". The memories
stored in our subconscious and unconscious mind filter
through to our present situation. Once again there is
an encountering and intermingling of the past and
present. Time is often thought of as a linear process,
one that moves forward. Yet, again and again, we see
that time is subjective and that in our memories,
moments can be revisited and time can be reconfigured.
As seen in "Unconscious Drowning: Trapped in a Moment",
moments in our lives can be repeated and as a result
heightened; memories sometimes proving to be stronger
than actual events.
Through my process, I create diptychs that reflect the
hidden aspects of ourselves, comparisons between the
physical human body and the thought processes that are
buried inside our minds. The specific moments,stages,and
psychological states that I refer to become distorted,
repeated, and reconfigured, with the passing of time. I
break apart moments and analyze the subtle transitions
of growth and change, in order to see and to understand
what is normally overlooked. In the Memory Chains that I
create, moments represented through still frames show that
once events enter into the mind, new relationships and
meanings begin to form. Exploring the human mind and the
deeper roots of our soul is essential. In the series of
that I have created the body is a container for the
soul and the many layers of information that exist within
our minds. Just as archeologists and psychologists collect
remnants to reconstruct the past, by persistantly digging
into our own history, we will come closer to understanding
our complete selves.
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