Posted on 4/1/09 - April Fool's Day

Ah, the day of all fool's pranks. If it wasn't fo rthe unfortunate accident of my car getting attacked by a couch while on I-75 I would think this was a good day. However, I move on. In the news for this week I have just about finished my models for my animation class' last project of the semester.

The story I am going with my animation is involving a strawberry and a blender. Basically the strawberry wants to get back with some other fruit but the blender is stopping it. I should have it finished later this month or the beginning of next month.

Posted on 3/25/09 - Found an Animation

Hey everyone while I was relaxing waiting for my class to start yesterday i found this really interesting animation. It was called Reach and it ended up getting an award. That link will take you to the site where you can download the movie or just watch it.

The basic story of the animation is a little robot gets its power from a plug. The robot sees the outside world and wishes to head that way. But, unfortunatly it is just barely out of his reach. I definatly reccommend checking it out.

Posted on 3/18/09 - New Design

Hey everyone, have a new design to the website and heading in a new direction updates are going to keep coming to the website so stay tuned for the new look.

Posted on 3/11/09 - Obstacle Animation Finished

The obstace animation for my 3D Animation class is finished. I have to render it out still but it is revised and about ready to turn in. As soon as I have found out how to put videos on the site I plan to get it uploaded and in the work section for all to view the animation. It actually has some sound effects to go with it as well. Here are some stills from the animation.

Posted on 2/25/09 - Character Rigs

Ever since Aaron Halifax came to BGSU and gave his workshop on character poses I have been looking at a lot of downloadable character rigs. I know some are featured on 11 Second Club but I also found some that I downloaded yesterday at High End 3D. They are all free and some of them are pretty simple and easy to use. I downloaded four total but two that were really easy and included a face rig as well were Max and Bloke, they are both for Maya. The wesites also included some rigs for other programs as well. I would definatly encourage anyone to check it out.



Posted on 2/18/09 - Cleaning up the Site and Work Outside

Once again adding things to the site here. Hoping by the end of day to get some of my animations and and movies on but we'll see. I want to mention a very good animation to check out is Fallen Art. I first saw the animation at a Computer Art Club meeting here in Bowling Green and we watched animations from the Siggraph show of 2008. I thought the idea and the concept for the animation was very good. It was created by Platige Images which seems to be a decently known animaton studio. So if you get the chance I would definatly recommend checking it out.

In terms of what's going on with my artwork outside of Bowling Green, I am working on some charcater designs for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for me and my friends. My plans are to draw each of the characters and then eventually bring them into photoshop where I will digitally paint each of the drawings and clean them up. I am going to try and post some images as soon as I can, but I am liking the results so far and have been getting good feedback.

Posted on 2/11/09

Hey everyone,
just want you to inform everyone that I am posting some of my works in the Gallery section of the website more will be coming so keep checking up i suppose.