Hi, I'm Jonathan Pangle. Full name being Jonathan Carl Xavier Pangle, I grew up in the town of Rossford, which is located not too far south of Toledo. My parents worked at my grade school so I could learn there, and I adored my time spent there as a result. My life revolved around video games a lot, and my dreams for life based itself in game development. And with the advent of the internet and personal computers, I could make something out of nothing. I was too young to understand that the internet cost money, but I understood enough to know most everything else did, and I'd have to make a career without money as my family didn't have any for me.

As BGSU gave a full ride, that was my option for college. I was initially reluctant of what the school put down as my degree: Digital Art didn't seem anything like what I wanted to do, as most people around this time advised Computer Science degrees for game development. But art classes challenged me right from the get-go, and I loved that challenge so much that I stuck with the degree path.

My art focuses on interactivity and motion, as