(c) Heather Moyer

Artist Bio

Heather Moyer is a digital artist currently attending Bowling Green University for her BFA. She specializes in imaging and interactive art that focuses on feminism and politics. Her work has been featured in several gallery/exhibitions, like Siggraph’s SpaceTime Exhibition of 2009. For a pdf of her resume click here. This is the Fine Art portfolio, designed to showcase the conceptual work of Heather Moyer. To see her Illustration Portfolio or Technical Portfolio they can be viewed by clicking the links.

Artist Statement

My Message

My artwork, while varied in many mediums, always strives to be constant in its message and direction: discovering and focusing on issues within the realm of feminism in today’s culture. This focus is my reason to do artwork as my passion is to delve into the world we have created and point out the issues within this society.

Process & Style

My style often includes a raw aesthetic that includes and incorporates flaws, blurs, grungy elements, smears, etc. The way I approach expressing concepts is through manipulation and collage – often contrasting items next to each other to point out the relationships- such as new/old, past/present, and reality/what should be reality. I think this particular method lends a lot to my voice as an artist. Another approach is to “expose” objects, ideas, and body parts that draw people because this technique immediately causes a kind of push and pull attraction, thus you want to look but you feel you shouldn’t or you are disgusted yet also interested. As I delve deeper into these approaches I work mostly in prints but have more recently started to incorporate more inactive elements into the work to further draw in an audience and increase the aforementioned push/pull tension.

To download pdf a copy of my resume CLICK HERE