Greg Wark- Adv animation story- V.3

BrainStorming list


Simple concept
Artistic freedom-abstraction appropriate
Nature based- wolf based
Accurate to natural order(s)
1-2 main characters
beautiful scenery
Bitter sweet sort of end
Music driven
Non narrative structure,

don’t want--

Boring- too simple
Lots of characters
Too short- need plenty of work
Sappy story
Seen as confusing- too personal
Try to avoid all possible clichés
Avoid political/activist message
Not realistic, but not too out of touch
No humor of any kind

Premise- An artistic music driven journey of an ordinary wolf, living an ordinary wolf life. Going from solitude to raising a family and finally death.

Estimated time: 4 minutes
Visual style: accurate proportionally, but simplified details, still being worked out.
Audio: no sound effects, only a single music track. William Orbit - Who owns the octopus

Condensed version: a lone wolf is walking through the forest. He scavenges an elk carcass chasseing ravens away. Later while resting he catches scent of something runs to find a female, after a tense approach, undaunted he bows, they relax and start to bond into a pair. Then they hunt an elk themselves, weathering a blizzard nonchalantly, and have a lengthy courtship followed by den digging, food offerings and finally the pups emerge and the family is together, fast forwarding we see the pups grow and leave, the female dies and the male is left alone, tired and old he finally lays down and dies.


Male Wolf- Is the main character in this story, the whole thing is following him. Curious temperament.
Appearance: typical gray wolf coat, grays and black, average size, broad features.

Female Wolf- the secondary character is seen in most of the story and is quite important. Is strong natured, and cautious to new situations.
Appearance: black phase coat, a little smaller and more slender then the male

Pups: 3 young animals seen at 3-4 weeks of age and briefly in time lapse moments are minor characters but signify family unity and success

Maybes: an elk, ravens and maybe other birds to fill the sky.


For my animation I wanted to do something based on animals, I also wanted it music driven due to the fact I always find so much inspiration from listening to music. I personally really love wolves and would very much like to do a project based around them, and doing wolves being wolves is definitely the option for that. Wolves really are beautiful intelligent complex creatures worthy of praise and appreciation.

I always try to steer clear of the political controversy over wolves and don’t intend this story to be an activist piece. but at the same time if I can help others see the simple beauty of these animals in an accurate way it can contribute to positive wolf attitudes in a passive way.

There are allot of misconceptions in our society about wolves, mostly due to the old myths of the big bad wolf, and the fact wolves have become more and more rare and are very hard to study. In a way i can help contribute to wolf education.

Some facts
Wolves were the 2nd most widely distributed land mammal topped only by humans
Wolf family structure is remarkably similar to modern human families and wolves display emotional attachment and compassion.
Modern wolves evolved around 2million years ago and have remained as is since.
Wolf packs are families, not an assortment of Animals vying for dominance.
Wolves do not live in dens, they always sleep outside, dens are for young pups and their mother.
Wolves do not howl at the moon, or even only at night, they are neither nocturnal or dieturnal
Wolves rarely ever attack humans, there’s has been no case of a non rabid wolf killing a human in north America in history, wolves often stay miles from humans and settlements, they are scared of us, with due cause.
99% of the wolf population in the United States was killed off by the 20th century and around the world wolves faced a similar fate and are endangered or extinct in most areas excluding Canada, Russia and a few smaller isolated areas.
Wolf brains are 30% larger then a large dog's.