Run Lola Run Game

Life is like a game of cards made up of many choices, risky situations, and plenty of chance and luck. The movie Run Lola Run displays this concept well as Lola relives the same 20 minutes three times to get the best ending or beat the game. This card game is based upon the movie but allows a player to try their luck instead.

The goal of this game is to pull all of the cards from one of the three piles of cards. The risk pile has the most death cards (game over) but also has the best cards that can be necessary to win the game. The chance pile has fewer death cards and tells the player what to draw next. The choice pile has the least death cards and gives the player at least two choices as to what to draw from next. However, this pile has to fewest useful cards to quickly win the game. Making it through the choice pile is the easiest, while making it through the chance pile is harder, and the risk pile is the hardest.

Start the game by drawing from any of the three piles of cards. Follow the instructions on each card until a death card is drawn or the final card of one pile is pulled. The counter above each pile of cards will keep track of how many cards are left in the piles. Also, the game will take care of adding and removing cards each turn along with when a drawn card says to do one of these two things. Try your luck and don't give up!