About Evan

If some one were to tell me that I should be like everyone else i'd probably laugh straight to their face.

You see I'm just not like everyone else, I've always wanted to help others in any way I could and I'm not the bad guy or the monster.

I was always the person who wanted to change the world and so that's why I'm here at BG looking to help change the world even if I have to stand up for everything I've ever done.

So I use my art to tell everyone a story, maybe its not the story everyone wants to here but its the story like the ones of myths and legends who are willing to go to great leaps to do the right thing for other people.

I'm just like them in a way I tell these stories and create a world which is parallel to my own.

I choose to do digital arts because I've always wanted to make movies that make people laugh and feel good if they've had a day in which doesn't go right they can see my work and feel better and really forget what it is that had be troubling them. That's why I choose digital arts really to make people feel good when they see my films since mostly my ideas have always had this missing sense of childhood to them.

OH and I'm not ordinary I'm anything but ordinary. People Always needed a person who wants to stand up for the littel guy and I'm that person.