Ellie Kay Bockert is a current student at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio studying digital arts. She has studied and obtained skills such as, 3-D animation, modeling, digital imaging, and web design. Ellie has also studied areas of art outside of the digital rhelm. Of these, photography has influenced her work the most. She also has developed skills in photography, both in and out of the dark room. Ellie is always seeking to expand her abilities and is exploring more education options.

Ellie Kay Bockert is the proud daughter of John E. Bockert and Paulette Kay Michener Bockert. She is also the proud sister of brother, Paul Bockert and twin brother, Mason Bockert. Her close relationship with her family often influences her work, using events in their lives together as inspiration. She draws from their humor and their love for each other. Humor can often be seen in her work.

"I find that the best way to spread a message is with a good image and smile. If I made my point and moved you in some way; only then have I succeeded."
-Ellie Kay Bockert