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Camomile Resignation is an independent Post-Synthgrunge artist who has been signed to GUYLINER Records since the beginning of the company in 2005. Camomile's newest album which has collaborations with P-Pain, Timba£and, and Mr. Dre drops April 1st - PRE-ORDER it now in our STORE.

The following interview is conducted by Pete, who got wicked drunk last night and busted up his lateral incisor. Shit was so funny.

Pete: Hi Camomile. First off, I'm going to ask the question that everybody's wondering - are you a man or a woman? Because there's a lot of debate about it, and honestly, I don't know anybody that can provide a solid argument. (laughs)

Camomile Resignation: (laughing) Well, you know, I wish I could answer, but to be honest, I don't even know.

P: Wow, that was not the answer I was expecting. But honestly, there are compelling arguments either way - you've got a pretty strong chin and jawline -

CR: - and a little bit of an Adam's Apple, too, I think.

P: Yeah, but on the other hand, you're wearing some really girly glasses and hairdo, you've got no sign of any sort of body hair, and it even looks like you might have a bit of a bossom going on.

CR: To be honest, it's all really confusing. I don't even have a real person's name, so there's no indication there, either.

P: It is truly a mystery. Well, now that we're past that, let's talk about your album.

CR: The interesting thing about that album, is that I actually had almost nothing to do with it. It was all previously recorded [ed: and released] material and they just put some beats behind it and produced it a little more, and they're gonna make so much money off of it. (laughs)

P: Yeah they will! (they high five) Well I guess that concludes the interview.

Camomile Resignation's new album, Pretentious Music & Lyrics comes out on April 1st on GUYLINER Records. Pre-Order it HERE.