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Welcome to our new Demo Submission page! Through this, you can show us if you have what it takes to get signed to our label! We'll review your submission and get back to you!

Good Luck!

After submitting your demo in an accepted file format, we will review it and get back ot you as soon as we can. More importantly, we require a photo of you and/or your band so that we may judge you on physical appearance, which is by far more important than the actual music that you create. Please use our most popular artists as a reference after whom your image should be emulated. This ensures success among our target tweenage and young teen audiences and gives us an opportunity to make more money. Also be advised that you will recieve minimal amounts of this money as we are given the right to do whatever we please with your music and image. Upon submission, your music, image, and name becomes property of Guyliner Records Inc. and submission of this form is recognized as express written permission to forfeit all of the afformentioned from your posession into ours.