Elizabeth's childhood interests in the arts have evovled throughout her professional and educational artistic experiences to focus on visual and written expressions of narration. A fine eye for detail and anatomy enables Elizabeth to compose realistic, organic figures which seem to bring her stories to life. Her studies at Bowling Green State University in Digital Arts helped her to focus on her artistic goals, while her minor in Creative Writing helped her in her literary ones, as she explored aspects of 3D animation and modeling.

Elizabeth's experience and skill set has allowed her to pursue a professional opportunity in 3D modeling. She was previously employed as an Online Interactive Modeler for BGSU's campus on Second Life. She also worked as part of team creating an educational game for the Museum of Contemporary Art based in Cleveland. Along with these oppurtunities Elizabeth, and with four other of her classmates, were accepted into the KAFI, Kalamazoo Animation Festival International, as Cartoon Challengers representing BGSU. There she and her team worked over a four day period to create a thirty second public service announcement.

Elizabeth is currently working as a free-lance contractor with Designing Digitally, Inc. While working with the company she's gained experience working in a professional environment and working to meet deadlines and the needs of clients.

These educational and professional occupations have given Elizabeth a chance to apply her skills in detailed polygonal modeling (both character and environment), collaborative nature in a professional, team-based environment, and further developed her conceptual and creative skills . Whether her medium of choice is traditional, sequential, time-based, or digital Elizabeth is able to inform each of her works with an understanding of story telling cultivated through her studies.