Ahhh...to think that someone is actually on this page wanting to read my bio is indeed flattering. I mean really, there are hundreds of other bios that are never even opened and looked at...Why Mine? Don't get me wrong I want you to read about me...I really do. I will tell my story to anyone who will listen to it. Ok, so let's begin...I was born in a suburb of Chicago on May 23, 1985. Since I can remember my love for art has been enormous. My mom and my brother were really good at drawing and they inspired me to pick it up. The earliest thing I can remember doing is drawing. Drawing was my first love. I remember always being pretty good at it too. I remember the gratification I got when I was "the best drawer in the class." I've been creating art ever since.
I soon began getting exposed to other forms of art that I also enjoyed very much. By middle school I really started getting into expressing myself through my art. I use to fight with my siblings and parents a lot (as i suspect any kid does). At first I would get really mad and frusterated. I would just sit there with all these things going through my head. One day I picked up a pencil and just started drawing on my walls. I would spend hours at a time calming myself by drawing. Now-a-days parts of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel paintings can be seen on my ceiling. I've always Known that Art was a passion that I wanted to make a carreer out of. I was about eight or nine years old when one of my brothers friends told me what he wanted to do with his life. "I wanna make cartoons," he told me. I was so captivated by the thought of making the shows and movies that I absolutley loved as a kid that right then there i decided that I too was someday going to make cartoons. It wasn't until about my eigth grade year in middle school that I decided that I wanted to work for Disney. I don't recall how I came up with the idea but ever since then I've been working towards it.
In high school I was finally given the freedom to really take my art to another level. I always had teachers that made me do things there way but it wasn't until my independent studies teacher Ms. Ostewig that I started to be more daring. I will never forget the first time I realized my independence in her class. It was my first day of her class and I had an idea for our first project. I nervously told my friend about it and told him how I thought that she wasn't going to let me do it. He quickly informed me that, "Naww man, you don't know her. She is so cool, she'll let you do whatever you want." He was right. I went up to her and proposed my idea and i was just waiting for her to say that it was too styalized like my other teachers had. "OK," was all she said. I did my best work in High School in her classes.
By this point in my bio the majorit of my audience is probably gone now...i've been blabbing for quite sometime now. So I'm going to try to keep the last two people reading this here. Now that I'm in college the balance between athletics and art is becoming harder. My first semester here I did not create anything that I feel was up to my level. Being completly honest...there wasn't much about my first semester art classes that caught my imagination. My second semester here at BG has been the most difficult time in my life. With the recent death of my aunt, uncle and most devastating to me, my only brother this semester has basically put me through hell. Ninety percent of my art in my second semester has been in some way, shape, or form about my brother and I believe this is part of the reason I'm still sane. I hope to keep striving towards my higher goals here in my art career at Bowling Green.