what the...?

Last Update before the semester ends. It's been a good year I think. I'm adding a mixed media section to present to you an artwork that was once made. The menu's are up and some content has already been typed out. MOre will follow as soon as possible. Have a good summer

welcome rant

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy building this site at all.

Hello. How are you doing? As you may or may not have noticed this is my (Didier) online portfolio. You will find a selection of my art work in different media. When time allows it more will be added. Feel free to look at some of my work after all, that sort of is the purpose of this site.

If for some reason you feel the uncontrollable urge to e-mail me please do so. Let me know if you think what I do and make is horribly wrong and/or that your grandmother could do a better job. On the other hand if you like it you can tell me that as well. It is always nice to have something appreciated. Enjoy

Signed: the author

No sign of art here...