1) When you hear the phrase INTERACTIVE ART what comes to mind? Do you ever think of websites as interactive art, why or why not?

-When I think of interactive art, the first thing that comes to mind is some form of video game. All the work and creativity put into every aspect of the game creates art. Being able to control the environment allows it to be interactive.

I have previously thought of some websites as interactive art. This opinion is limited to only a few, however. Websites such as Amazon.com are merely way too simple and lack any visual appeal. While I know that this does not limit it from the field of art, it doesnıt come to mind as a work of art.

2) What is your definition of INTERACTIVE ART -- doesn't have to match with Morse's? Explain what led you to this definition, i.e., did you see an exhibition with pieces labeled as "interactive"?

- To interact is to act together or towards others or with others. Being able to manipulate, alter, or simply use the art in your own way for your own ends is true interaction. In general, I do agree with Morseıs explanation and definition in the sense of interactive art going beyond the bounds of merely the field of art. I came to this definition through the use everyday household items such as Xbox and the Internet.

3) List the three degrees of interactivity and give one example of each level.
(Don't use the author's examples.)

- Minimal interaction (ex: A Radio- Turn the dial but listen to what they have to offer)

- Interaction that allows the user a choice among a set of preestablished narrative outcomes (ex: Photographs. You choose where and what to photographŠbut in the end itıs still a photograph)

-Interaction that allows the user to alter the final form of the artwork (ex: computer programs such as Maya or AutoCAD where you are given free reign)

4) With the three degrees of interactivity in mind, where do you think your web portfolio fits in and why?

-I believe my web portfolio currently fits under the first degree of interaction. The webpage is classified as ³Minimal Interactivity² simply because when you get to the basics, all you are doing is turning that radio dial to see what is on the next station. As my portfolio, I am giving the audience a taste of what I am capable of by providing examples of my work.

5)Lynn Hershmann is one of the artists Morse mentions in the article. Go to Lynn's website: and look through the various pieces in the INTERACTIVITY section. Choose one and give a critical analysis of the piece. You can choose a piece that you don't like, but good or bad you have to EXPLAIN yourself.

- I found Lynn Hershmannıs work ³Americaıs Finest² to be truly interesting.
Looking through the scope of a M-16, images of tragic scenes and the horrors of history is displayed to the user. Being able to rotate 360 degrees to have a panoramic view of the area allowed the user the feeling of actually being in the specified area and behind a gun. This impression would firmly implant the notion of the horrors a firearm can cause. Pulling the trigger to change scenes works for both seeing more and creating a realistic situation of firing a weapon. This piece, after much thought and consideration was truly impressive.