Despite the crippling fear you feel, your brain manages to come up with an acceptable lie. You decide to play the pity card, hoping that if this Wolf has the intelligence to speak, it surely is capable of some sort of compassion. Brilliant!

“I... I... I...” you stammer, your mouth clearly not functioning as well as your mind. You pause, take a deep breath, and swallow, gathering your courage. “I was g-going to my grandmother's house t-to help take care of her after her s-surgery... and my b-bike ran out of gas. I was taking a s-shortcut through the forest... her house is j-just on the other side.”

Perfectly executed! Even the fear stammer was dead on. Surely any being with even a drop of pity would allow you to live. You look towards the Wolf to gauge its reaction. You hear a soft, weezing sound, and noticing that the Wolf's shoulders are shaking, assume it is laughter. “child...” whispers the wolf, moving it's humongous head closer still, “i have hunted in these woods for far more moons than you have ever seen in your lifetime.” The Wolf grins widely, a disturbing view. “There is no grandmother within twenty miles of my forest. There is, however, a cabin most commonly used for hunting on the far edge,” it says, grinning wider still, it's voice a whisper. “have you ever heard how animals can smell fear? We can smell lies, too.”