The World Needs War (2003)

This was composed for an idea I'd had for a musical that completely fell through. The lead is the cross-dressing wife of the General in a fictional army, lamenting the lack of peace, and the chorus of soldiers counters her point. ...The effect is lost a bit when I have to do all of the voices. However, I've always been proud of these lyrics, and the simple melody.

Anpu (2004)

A very odd song I included...for...actually, I'm not sure why. I don't even know how to classify this. In any case, it was written when I was very much interested in Ancient Egypt and the mythology, and so the lyrics contain myriad references. Basic "plot": lady's gonna kill herself.

Blood in the Rain (2008)

No names are mentioned nor terribly specific references made, but this song is paying homage to a pair of my favourite fictional lovers ever. One can piece together the clues from the lyrics as to who the song is about, given they are familiar with the characters at all, but I can't imagine it would be TOO easy...unless the very obvious title gives it away. ;-) At any rate, even though the vocals are too breathy and the percussion too artificial, this is one of my favourites.

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