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Beat It 2009
Beat It 2009
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Holy Toledo 1 2009
The Grass is Greener 2009
Dead Tree 2009
Packed Tight 2009
Holy Toledo 2 2009

After living my entire life in the Toledo, Ohio suburbs I found my knowledge of downtown to be lacking and skewed due to a combination of countless negative news reports, the absence of any teachings on the area, and an economic separation that as a child seemed to simply be a distance too far to travel. Now that I am older I want to know more about this area, not only for my own curiosity but also for the fact that if I wasn’t introduced to this area as a child the odds are that kids still aren’t.

There is a sign across the overpass that leads into downtown Toledo that reads, “Toledo Pride.” To most drivers this sign is nothing more than visual noise on the commute to work; however, for me this statement invokes thought. One may say Toledo doesn’t have much to take pride in these days with the economy affecting our city so tragically. Housing values have continued to plummet as well as loss of jobs, in particular factory workers and police officers. Through this project I have discovered that Toledo Pride is not something that Toldeoans necessarily share together, but it is a more personal and significant feeling that each individual has developed throughout their history in this city. Although certain neighborhoods and homes of the city are in obvious dismemberment, there are still prideful people who live in these houses and deserve a voice.