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Wood Pile 2009
Shirts 2009
Eroded 2009
Newspaper 2009
Tipped 2009
Window Cat 1 2009
Clothing Cross 2009
Window Cat 2 2009
Grass Mobile 2009
Shaded 2009
Good View 2009
Barbie Truck 2009
Clubs 2009
Turf Porch 2009
Toys 2009
Dog and Stairs 2009
Two Trees 2009
Trash Day 2009
Blue Bucket 2009
Pristine 2009
Bagged Air 2009
Dog House 2009
Keep 2009
Bed Stack 2009
Clutter 2009
Clutter 2 2009
Dog Sack 2009
Stocking Up 2009
Two Birds 2009
Deflated Tropical Party 2009
Flag Down 2009
Trailer Cross 2009
House Party 2009
Rock 2009
Sunset Trailer 2009
Grandma's Lawn 2009
Wood Pile 2009
Two Deer 2009
Blocked Out 2009
Pipe Dreams 2009
Orange Chair 2009
Abandoned 2009
Flamingo Line 2009

The symbol of home has always been a strong representation of people in general. I see my pictures of these houses as portraits of the people that dwell inside them. I constantly find fascination in how the inhabitants choose to portray themselves. What these individuals allow me or donít allow me to see tells me a lot about them. Whether it is pristine lace drapes and a freshly cut lawn or a trash-cluttered porch, these elements tell a story. Sometimes the things I find are light hearted and funny while other times it can be sad and confusing. When I began this project I simply wanted to document these strange occurrences that caught my eye everyday, but what I soon realized is there is a much broader dialogue about economy and class that can be seen directly related to the various items one has in and around their house.