Artist Statement

Often times we find ourselves working away at something without knowing what the end result will be. This can be a frustrating and scary process for those who fear the end result will not be worth the time and energy put in. Surprisingly, this is the method in which I have found the most inspiration for my work. This is effective because I am aware that I do not have all the answers to my questions, and I believe art is about discovery and development of self. In this cell phone and Facebook overloaded world I find it is becoming harder every day to have the privacy to understand something all on my own.

In my process I am constantly looking into something to better understand the world. Whether it be my medium format camera lens, a video camera, or a computer screen I find that I need this reflection time to get a better grasp on what is going on around me. Regardless of the particular lens I am using the main focus of my work remains to be discovery and understanding. The way taking pictures can help me understand what is going on not only in front of the lens formally and symbolically but more importantly understand what is going on behind the lens mentally.

My main focus is photography, but I will never be able to typecast myself as simply a photographer. It is only through the combination of photographs, videos, and digital images that I feel my entire voice can be heard. I photograph as an archeologist, uncovering the bigger meaning behind a particular issue. These pictures, regardless of being black and white or color, always seem to have a frontal formality to them. Though my passion for photography is strong I cannot convince myself that the single photograph says enough on its own. I use my photographs as a documentary element, to show the issue for what it is, and then I manipulate and create a much broader dialogue through video and digital manipulation. In the end what I am left with is a mash-up of several mediums, all working cohesively to grab the audience’s attention and make a statement.