Rachel Carter

Artist Biography

Rachel Carter is currently a junior studying at Bowling Green State University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in digital arts with a minor in creative writing. The digital arts degree is focused in 3D computer animation with a concentration specifically on environment and background design and modeling. After completing her undergraduate degree next year, Rachel plans to attend graduate school to earn a master’s of fine arts degree in 3D computer animation. With an MFA, she plans to work for a commercial movie company for a number of years until returning to Ohio to teach digital arts at a college. With a minor in creative writing (focused on specifically fiction) Rachel plans to complete a fantasy/science fiction novel series. The first of the series was competed and published in 2013 (see Writing page) and she is hopeful to finish the other books. Rachel grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio training horses, playing in her high school’s marching band, and developing traditional 2D and 3D artistic skills.