Cosmo APE


This is a collaboration between the Computer Art Club and ACM Computer Science chapter at Bowling Green State University. Using the Unreal Development Kit we are creating a simple game centered around a chimp named Otto, who crash lands on an alien planet and must find a creative way to escape. Our goal is to learn how to effectively collaborate and prepare us for the industry in game development. We are all students who are passionate about having fun and creating something interesting for everyone to enjoy.

Cosmo APE Development Blog

Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors

Project Manager of Graphics

Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors is a documentary film that records the oral histories of six Holocaust survivors. The film will be broadcast on WGTE in 2012, and offered nationally on the PBS national service (NDA). My team is in charge of providing the graphics and visual aesthetics to help tell the stories of the survivors.

Bearing Witness Development Blog

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