Brandon Moore was born and raised in Newark, Ohio. As he became older he eventually grew a passion for art and computers. He graduated from Lakewood High School in Hebron, Ohio and is now currently pursuing a BFA in Digital Arts at Bowling Green State University. Brandon has always loved art ever since he could draw and color. One of his favorite artists is Bob Ross, a painter who had his own "How to" show on PBS. As he grew up he became interested in video games and it developed into his dominant hobby. This led him to pursue the field of computer graphics and what it has to offer him as a career. Overtime Brandon narrowed his interest to 3D graphics and has explored software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, and Blender. Currently, Brandon's focus is on learning the software and is striving to become a 3D animator.

Artist Statement

My work is about taking social issues such as alcoholism and prejudice and transforming it into a narrative or media that will help the audience empathize and open their minds to the issue itself. My work is oriented around cycles of human behavior, with issues such as alcoholism and intolerance. Through my experiences and studies on alcoholism, it formulates several mental and physical strains, which only manifests in people that are influenced by the disease. Analyzing and addressing these social issues creates an understanding and awareness for others, driving my artwork.

Using technologies such as Autodesk Maya, After Effects and Photoshop, I create time-based narratives so the audience can experience issues such as alcoholism and intolerance. I also create interactive platforms using tools such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and the Unreal Development Kit. This has ranged from a webpage denoting the concept of information cycles to a virtual environment that creates a metaphor of an abusive relationship.

Artists such as William Kentridge and Bill Moggridge have influenced my artwork in both narrative and interactive aspects. Various forms of media such as cable news, film, and life experiences create the messages I want reflected in my work.

By taking these issues and various forms of media, the audience can benefit from the message and apply it to their own lives with an open mind. It is through these experiences that I believe the audience can learn and grow.


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