I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. As a child, I always was obsessed with perfectly coloring pictures and playing in Microsoft Paint. I was first introduced to digital design when I began playing the website Neopets and creating my own 'guilds' (clubs). A good guild had a creative layout and a matching website. I was instantly hooked and began making all different kinds of graphics. On I went to myspace, where I could customize my profile and the creativity flowed.

As I got older, my interest in art subsided a little until I was able to attend a career center my junior and senior year of high school. I participated in the Interactive Multimedia program and recieved a 4.0.

I took a few graphic and web design classes at my community college before switching majors for the next 2 years. After my third year being undecided in community college, I had decided to attend Bowling Green State University and live in Toledo, Ohio. I am currently in my third semester and pursuing a BFA in Digital Arts specializing in Interactive Media.

I am currently not working on freelance projects because of my lack of free time.