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May 4th, 2009

I added the Map Mashup Project and the Interactive Project to my site directory.

Map Mashup: Lexington, Ohio

Interactive Project: Classic Works

Overall, I am very disappointed in this segment of the class. I feel as if we spent far too long on the website. Yes, I know that I took advantage of the long time and was lazy. I could have had this done in probably a month once I understand how CSS and the Divs work. Still do not understand classes but I believe that they are a way of make a sub-selector of a selector. I've been working with websites since 1998. Maybe it came easily to me and that's why we took so long, it took longer for others to get it.

Certainly, this website could be better. It could be flashier with more dynamic features but I do not like those. Never have. I like the idea of an image, of artwork, framing my site and despite what someone wrote in my sketchbook saying, I don't think it's distracting at all. I want people to see my work. I've tried my hardest to make the art none-obtrusive and I think I have suceeded.

I am not a fan of iteractive art. Never have been. Never been a fan of internet art either, such as the kind that uses codes and symbols, or e-mail or chat clients. That.. is odd to me. I won't argue that it isn't art, but I don't care for it.

I wish we had learned Flash. Basic Java or how to read a Javascript. To be told essentially go find the codes you need was a bad move I believe.


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