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March 22nd, 2009

So, let's talk about this layout.


Okay? Got that? Is it CLEAR?

I don't want to hear it anymore. I don't need to be made to feel like the career I want is something so dishonorable for an artist, something so pathetic and unmeaningful.

Whoever wrote the comment on my website layout in my sketchbook. This is all for you. Stop making us, those of us who don't care to be in galleries, question our choices. If you want to make a 'clean and simple' site, by all means go ahead. Do not leave assuming comments such as "Keep your site clean and simple. Unless you want to go into illustration, lose the girl, flowers, leaves etc." What if I WANT to go into illustration? Do you know at all how this makes me feel? That comment is DEGRADING. I normmally love receiving comments in my sketchbook. I think it's interesting to read through and see the comments. I do not like people assuming in such a manner. Why not assume that this is HOW I want my site and offer advice that way? Maybe I want to show off my sketches right off the bat. Maybe this idea was pretty much unanimously approved by a class of my peers and Greg Little?

Please just leave my idea alone. I like this layout. It will be a nice, simple, and clean line art. The banner on the left will be wider to hold neat, legible handdrawn buttons. The banner at the top will be readable as well and it will not detract from the site. I have no plans to make all.. sketchy and smudgy. What you saw was a thumbnail essentially.


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March 16th, 2009

Well we're working on the next step of making our website portfolios. Whereas this page is simply a placehold and a place to store content, we're now trying to make our actual layouts. Honestly, I look around at some of my classmates and I want to laugh. They're striving to be mysterious, dramatic and.. odd. I suppose I could sum it all up to they want to be artistic. One guy has this 'wolf' persona. The other is fighting the teacher on every little bit of logical website sense. Another.. his website is about toast? Or is toast is his idenity?

I don't know.

What makes a good portfolio? Personally, I hate the ones that are code, or flash heavy, or 'artistic'. I want a page with a navigation bar that allows me to go to your gallery in two clicks with everything labeled nicely and legibly. I don't want to see a line of trees that I can move through nor do I want to see bright curly-qs expanding and shrinking when I mouse over. The less effects, the better I think. I like website similiar to this very basic one I have here. Navigation bars are your friend. Clearly labeled links are your friend. Not having a graphic that has nothing to do with what you do is you friend. Being friendly, open, and sharing who you are instead of hiding behind a persona is your friend. Oy Vey.

So I'm working on a new layout. It's very similiar to this. The colors will be the same actually. It'll feature a mucha-like background image that the site will be incorporated into. Right now I'm struggling with getting all my divs to work how I want to. I'm really not good with figuring out code on my own, figuring out how it works without an example of exactly what I want. I'm also not good at taking peices from a website I like and then trying to throw in another part. The two divs I have right now do not want to play nicely and I can't get the one navigation div to go where it's suppose to, despite the code being all correct. Ah well.


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