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February 24th, 2009

What can I talk about today? Let's see... How about this? Yes, My style is anime influenced. I'll have you know that I am not a fangirl. I have not seen an anime in years. I don't have time for it anymore! Before discovering Sailor Moon in 5th grade, all I ever drew was horses. Horses, horses, horses. I kicked ass at them (my skills have since faded). Sailor Moon got me to draw people. Raised my interested in illustration, in comics, in cartoons, and in animation (though I do not want to be an animator thankyouverymuch). In the past few years I have tried to work away from that while still keeping a style that somewhat illustrative, stylized yet realistic.

My peers who I respect have described it as graphic. Not anime.

I can throw up realistic art. I can throw up as many sketches as I want of models, of hands, of limbs, but I draw this way. I enjoy drawing this way. I enjoy continuing to make my work more realistic. You should see the frustration I experience when I try to color. I want my art to look real. I hardly want it to look like 'anime'. What part of this screams 'I'm cell shading and drawing anime :D' ? Honestly. I'm trying! I'm sorry all my life-drawing papers, landscape drawings and paintings are at home but they're 20 x 30 and I live in a dorm room. Oh and for the past year and a half my Father was dying. Organizing and taking photos of my work wasn't exactly high on my list.

Yes, my style is anime influence. Yes, I enjoy drawing some fanart.
It's not your future that's on the line, Please don't worry about mine.


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February 18th, 2009

Another day, Another blog entry. Latest complaint: I put my lightbox images and extra code into its own folder to organize things within my server space. Why? Because I'm picky like that and it gives me something to complain about. Well, in doing so, the links controlling the prev, next, and close buttons was broken. I'm in the process of finding and fixing all the broken links now to make sure they work. Well it's being a bitch in a half. I THINK I've gotten all the bits of code, but damnit, if the close buttons and loading image aren't working.


I like coding webpages. I really do. I like looking at code, being able to figure out what controls what and then being able to alter it. I'm not saying I can code java by hand, or that I can even understand half of what Java says. I started coding webpages in 8th grade, over 7 years ago. I believe I have my first webpage even earlier thanks to AOL's homepage stuff. A pastel colored rainbow hued shrine to my early obsessions. It was vomit inducing and yet I kinda wish I still had it. I made my first serious pages in middle school to display my art and as a way for others to learn about my RPG characters. I was all into Role Playing at the point and having webpages for your characters was all the rage. There was very little design and plenty of ciched, animated flaming skull gifts that people used again and again. I had acquired Photoshop 7.0 at the time and was all about making my own graphics. Still have that same Photoshop four computers later. The most advanced I ever got was frames. Frames, Frames, Frames. Man I loved frames. Such a sense of organzation but such a bitch and a half to run. It was early highschool when I got into pixel dolling and I made a very basic website to host my dolls called 'Suspended on Silver Wings'. It's kinda horrid in so few words but I did win an award from Doll on the Hill Factory. Kinda my 15 minutes of fame there...

So yeah! Suspended on Silver Wings was my last web-venture until I came to BGSU. I got out of dolling rather quckly and thus the site stagnated (still can make a mean bit of pixel art though). As you can see, the frames are vomit enducing and don't work at all in any other browser than mine becuase it's all percentage base or some other crap like that. I remember really wanting to redo this layout in tables or something.. but never got around to teaching myself the CSS necessary for such a feat. I'm not going to show you my freshman year portfolio mainly because that was a very bad attempt of avant-garde art and it kinda blew chunks. Hell, I like THIS layout better than what I made.


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February 15th, 2009

So I want to illustrate digitally. I can do this. I know I can. I've got all the tools, I've got the drive, but for the life of me, I can not figure it out.

Sometimes, I can paint very realistically, As seen in this WIP shot from my Kronos and Starlillca peice. Look at Starlillica's face. Isn't that just gorgeous? Well it took me hours and many frustrations to paint that and in the end, I had to use my reference photo. References are NOT BAD, just to get that out there.. but I can't use references all the time. Sometimes I can't find one for the pose or the angle I need. Look at Kronos' face. Obviously it hasn't received as much work as Star's has, but still... A lot of what I paint just ends up looking flat. I don't like it. My Sonal peice is another example. While it very much has a realistic quality to it, it is still very flat. And I know that some people will say that'sbecause of the black lines. Well in response.. check out Sai WIP. Yes, its very much realistic, and this peice was done 100% without reference.. but.. it still doesn't look real. Or at least real enough. I don't want real-real peices.. just real enough. A real sense of depth and volume.

Sometimes, I want to cell shade too, or do neat little blends. I'd show you an image of my attempts but I don't think I have any uploaded. Lets just say I'm way too picky about trying to get the curves just perfect. Same with my lineart. I LOVE a good lineart. I think that's why I keep my black lines. I just like good linework. I think it's beautiful. Well I've been on the hunt for the perfect inking method for years now. I've tried pens and brushes, I've tried lining in Photoshop, I've tried Illustrator's autotrace and I've tried Illustrator but dear God, if that program isn't trying to make me kill it. I just can not ink well. I like to change line withs. Beautiful, delicate thin lines and heavy, dramatic lines. Well.. I don't know how to use those kinds of lines and my pen/brush/pixel is NEVER thin enough for my tastes. And on the few peices where I do ink well, I scan them and bring them into Photoshop to make them nice and clean and dark.. and well it kinda sucks. My erasers always make the inks grey and the more I play with the levels, the brightness and the contrast, the more the lines get harder, pixel-y, and ugly. I can't win! So that's another one of my peices. I suppose I just need to sit down and try to learn Illustrator but I'll be honest.. that program HATES ME.

Basically, Check out Aurore Black Cat. Then teach me. I want to be her. ;____;


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