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August 21,2009

Hey there,

Been a while, I know. Since school ended and since I graduated, I let this site go for a bit while I got my life post-graduation in order. I have not really looked for a job since graduating since I am attending the Walt Disney World College Program. I'm working at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Pizza Planet as a Quick Service Food and Beverage cast member. It's not art related but it is a foot in the door and I am hoping to connect with some cast members who may be able to help me, if not just point me in a direction and tell me what I need to do. Infact, my manager, Laura told me about how the Animators that man the Art of Animation attraction at Hollywood Studios often sit out backstage and draw. She told me to go pick their brains and I shall when I have a day off.

In other news, I have an idea for a large installation I'd like to do. I'd like to get one hundred 4x4 inch canvases and cover them with an oil painting of the galaxy, stars and gas clouds. I'd lay those out in 50x50 grid on a wall. Then I'd like to take a silver wire mesh and over lay that with the canvas and bulge it ou and wrap it in many places, breaking the grid created by the white-walls under the paintings.

So that's a little update into my life. It's not much, but here I am.


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