A ball-jointed doll is not art.

The process by which a ball-jointed doll is created is an art. A sculptor first models the figure, sculpting the details and the joints. Then a mould is taken from the original and pieces are cast in resin. After each piece has been cast, each piece must be sanded to remove the seam lines from the mould. Then all the pieces are strung together to hold the doll in its form.

The doll is in a transitional phase.

It is when the doll is adopted and given a name and a home that it is reborn again as art. The owner of the doll takes a mass-produced object and makes it unique. The faceup (painting on a face) breathes life into the resin form. The eyes give the doll a soul. Each customization done to the doll strengthens the bond between owner and doll, which in turn strengthens the link between the world of ball-jointed dolls and the world of art.

A ball-jointed doll is art.

(C) Amalia Leigh Boris, 2010