Adam Jagielski


Raised in Sylvania Ohio, Adam Jagielski attended Owens Community College in Perrysburg Ohio to study the art of Graphic Design.  While studying the ins and out of commercial design, he worked part time and built up a collection of opinions and observations on the world around him.  Many observations were negative so he began searching for the small joys and diamonds in the rough. He enjoyed the techniques involved in Graphic Design, but soon grew tired of the rigid structure and often empty art he was learning to create.  In 2007, Adam transferred to Bowling Green State University and became a part of the Digital Arts program.  While working on campus, he built up a wide range of stylistic influences and techniques. He came to enjoy photography and began to integrate it into his work.  He is now creating work using a combined style of illustration, photography, and imaging to create a constantly changing visual style that brings to him the joy of creating artwork.