C.M. Holtwick

151-153 N. Main Street

An individual may think nothing when encountered by a surveillance camera, a two-way mirror, or other forms of security devices. Many individuals will notice monitors filming them in convenience stores or airports, but what about walking down a public street or in their car? In many theatrical presentations we have noticed the excessive use of hidden cameras to exploit others, but do individuals wish to be exploited? The big brother theory is more real than weíll ever know. Demonstrated through my project, I will show how easily oneís simplest action can be caught on tape and shown to the world. When you walk out of your house, how private is your privacy and how public is your every action?

Through the use of the technological devices such as cameras and monitors, I will bring ìBig Brotherî to Bowling Green, Ohio. Using hidden cameras to deceive and confuse the public, I will study the human reaction to such circumstances. The use of strange placements of televisions is various places in the city, will in many ways build interest and intrigue into the whole concept of surveillance. I am attempting to build awareness to avoid a very dangerous and public world of the future.

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