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Kevin O'Neil

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Throughout downtown area

A map serves as a surface representation of a region with marked boundaries. With time, a map changes in shape and size as the region becomes more populated and new constructions appear. When dealing with the progression of time, a map is the documentation of the history of that landmark.

Over the past century, Bowling GreenÝs economic development has experienced changes, creating a change in the map structure of the city. As residents of the city and consumers of its businesses, we become aware of alterations of present-day organization. Being one of a handful of cities where small independently owned businesses still exist, Bowling Green is still known for its benevolent industries and strong local economy.

Walking about Main Street in the year of 2002 one can observe the barrenness of the downtown commercial center. Local businesses have been replaced with chains or corporations within the Bowling Green downtown district, which has changed the face of its structure within its historic area. In this piece, the audience can look back in time to discover how much their town has changed over the years, and how it's fa┴ade has come to be what it is today. The maps will take people back and show them what their surroundings would have been if they were standing in the same place years ago. Through this experience, the public can reflect and have a better understanding of the city as well as its history.

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