LINKS / Public Art < > Bowling Green is a collaborative art project consisting of public art works that address issues of site, history, space, self, and culture. Many works were located within the downtown Bowling Green area. However, others explore city parks, country areas, and little-known spaces throughout the city limits. On Saturday, April 21, 2002, a LINKS shuttle bus physically linked the sites, taking the public to each of the artworks.

This project is the culmination of the Technology, Space, and Public Art course taught by Bowling Green State University professors Heather Elliott and Michelle Illuminato. Twenty-two art students utilized a variety of art forms, including traditional sculpture, performance, instillation, and digital media in the creation of the 18 LINKS artworks.

This website will take you through the students and their works. By clicking on a link on the side or on the map you can experience the LINKS project and go in-depth with the creators.
If you are interested in this course, or more information about the project, please contact one of the professors teaching this course below.
Heather Elliott:
Phone: 419-372-9943
Michelle Illuminato:
Phone: 419-372-8688
1000 Fine Arts Center
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403