Current course:

Project 1: Interactive Surrealistic Sketchbook


Create a surreal online environment that resembles a sketchbook (conceptually and/or visually). Think about mood, lighting, and texture and how each can help convey different emotions.

Surrealism / Surreal:


What is a sketchbook? Usually it's a physical book with blank pages that an artist can draw in. What else is it, and what does it do? Sketchbooks hold all of our ideas, our thoughts, our feelings. They can contain anything and everything from silly doodles to our deepest secrets. Some sketchbooks are private, some are open to anyone and everyone. A sketchbook can be a friend - something to cry to, to fantasize or remenisce with. They can mean nothing to someone and everything to someone else. Sketchbooks can hold our ideas almost indefinately, even after we have long forgotten. What is the concept of a sketchbook to you? Think of it as more than just a physical book.

Project Technical Requirements:

Project Artistic Requirements:

PART 1 - Description of pages & interactivity and two complete page layouts designed in photoshop

DUE DATE: Fri. Jan 22nd, 2010
  1. Create a one to two paragraph description explaining your concept and what sort of interactivity it will have (Text or Word file).
  2. Create a layout in Photoshop for two of your pages. Keep a PSD for your own use, but turn in a JPG copy of it.
  3. Create a hierarchy/flow chart in Photoshop showing the choices the user can make in the story. Keep a PSD for your own use, but turn in a JPG copy of it.
TURN IN: Put all three files in the homework folder before the start of class: p1_lastFirst_description.doc, p1_lastFirst_layout.jpg, and p1_lastFirst_hierarchy.jpg where "lastFirst" = YOUR last and first name (ie. p1_mitchellBonnie_layout.jpg)

PART 2 - Project 1 Completed

DUE DATE: Friday Feb 12th, 2010
Make sure you have created a folder called "assign1" (no spaces in file name) and put all your assignment 1 files into it. Upload the "assign1" folder to your digitalarts portfolio site (instructions on how to do this will be discussed in class). It must be uploaded prior to class for the critique.