Current course:

Online Art Portfolio

Assignment: Create an interactive online portfolio showcasing your BEST artwork in any medium.

This is the portfolio that you will hopefully use to get a job once you graduate.

You should completely redo the portfolio you did in ARTC 331.

Use this Portfolio checklist throughout the project. Make sure EVERYTHING is checked off prior to the final deadline.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Minimum of 3 main sections with many subsections in the gallery section: this is including a main page: index.html

  2. Main secitons (must be linked from the index page):

  3. Links on the inner level pages:

Technical Requirements:

  1. must have valid HTML
  2. must have valid CSS
  3. artwork must be retrieved from your database - include name, medium, date...etc
  4. use CSS to place and format your elements
  5. use Javascript or CSS for rollovers (all clickable elements need visual and cursor rollovers)
  6. proper indentation of the code on all pages
  7. include interactivity that showcases what you have learned this semester
  8. NO use of Lightbox, Shadowbox, Simpleviewer or other prefab code for your portfolio - write your OWN code
  9. Max width 980px and height 590 for non-scrolling pages

Grading - the grades will be based on: