Current course:

Project 3: Interactive Bucket List


Create a very interactive, experimental website using a bucket list you've created.

Bucket List:

A bucket list is a list of things you'd like to do before you "kick the bucket" (die).

Project Technical Requirements:

Project Artistic Requirements:

PART 1 - Bucket List

DUE DATE: Fri. March 19th, 2010
  1. Create a bucket list of no less than 10 items.
TURN IN: Write your bucket list in a txt, rtf, doc, or odx file and turn it in to the class folder - Project3->BucketList. Name the file LastnameFirstname.txt (or whatever file type it is).

PART 2 -

DUE DATE: Friday March 26th, 2010
Turn in JPG mockups for three pages of your project 3. As always, they must be in the homework folder (PROJECT3/mockups) before class begins.

PART 3 - Project 3 Completed

DUE DATE: Friday April 9th, 2010
Make sure you have created a folder called "project3" and put all your project 3 files into it. Upload the "project" folder to your digitalarts portfolio site. It must be uploaded prior to class for the critique. Eg. Your site MUST be able to be found here (replace username):

Our combined Bucket List:

Combined Bucket List