Mon 7 - Student Skill Evaluation, syllabus intro: discuss expectations, discuss resources, intro to machinima (not animation!), Remix videos, Make Love, Ben X, set up WoW & SL account


Wed 9 - artistic approaches to machinima, connection between cinema and machinima, Baudrillard and the Simulacra intro; WoW/SL research day; camera controls and capturing the world, using the game to produce stories; PS3/XBOX capture devices

DUE Wed 9:

  • Essay on Mr. Plinkett's principles of good movie making. Watch Parts 1 - 3 [HERE]

Mon 14 - 1st hour: Game Swap Meet ; 2nd hour: Machinima viewing

DUE Mon 14:
  • Game Swap Meet -- remember to trade for games you can use for your Machinima project
  • Project 1: Machinima, Part 1: research

Wed 16 - Lecture on Marshall Mcluhan: What is the game used for? How does it work? How will you subvert that purpose through your machinima?

DUE Wed 16:
  • Essay on Mr. Plinkett's principles of good movie making.


Mon 21 - NO CLASS (MLK Day)

DUE Mon 21:

Wed 23 - Individual meetings on proposals

DUE Wed 23:
  • Reach level 20 in World of Warcraft. Be familiar with the world.
  • presentations on individual game environments & proposals

Mon 28 - Group A presents: Simulation and the body [ARTICLE HERE]. Brief introduction to how to edit a movie together (for those who don't know)

DUE Mon 28:
  • Group A presentation

Wed 30 - WoW/SL research day; grinding v. group quests; How does persistence change the game experience? Serenity Now bombs a funeral


Mon 4 - Critique Machinima project; build Illegal Art installation

DUE Mon 4:
  • Project 1: Machinima video completed and ready for class presentation

Wed 6 - Second Life building basics; what is modular building? How is this sculpture? How is it something else?

DUE Wed 6:
  • Have logged a minimum of 30 HOURS interacting with groups of people through Second Life


Mon 11 - Create a complex art structure from modular forms

DUE Mon 11:
  • We will look at your modular 3D projects at the end of class; get documentation


Wed 13 - NO CLASS (CAA)

DUE Wed 13:


Mon 18 - What is site specific art? What are performative pieces? Second Front, Mattes, Ars Virtua, Most Beautiful Avatar, etc.


Wed 20 - Group B presents: on Installation, Site Specific art & performance [ARTICLE HERE and HERE]

DUE Wed 20:

Mon 25 - Explore Virtual Memory constructs

DUE Mon 25:
  • Have Virtual Memory constructs completed for display and stored in your inventory.

Wed 27 - 11 am Patrick Litchy guest lecture; independent group meetings

DUE Wed 27:
  • present proposals for Virtual installation/performative project


Mon 4 - NO CLASS (Spring Break)

Wed 6 - NO CLASS (Spring Break)

Mon 11 - Progress Check on groups; individual meetings with professor

Wed 13 - Narratives and games: play Fluxx, Killer Bunnies, Betrayal; discussion on levels of narrative

Mon 18 - Critique Virtual installation/performative projects

DUE Mon 18:
  • Completed Project 2: virtual installation/performance project. You will present on these as a group to the class

Wed 20 - Watch 'Get Lamp'. Play Avalon. Sleep is Death tutorial: How to play & what is the point? Controller basics and room editor

Mon 25 - Sleep is Death tutorial: Object editor


Wed 27 - Work day for 10 scene narrative


Mon 1 - Work day for 10 scene narrative

DUE Mon 1:

Wed 3 - Group C presents: Non Linear Storytelling through games Play through 10 scene narrative.

DUE Wed 3:
  • Sleep is Death 10 scene narrative - we will walk through a brief in-class view of each 10 scene project & share difficulties
  • Group C presentation


Mon 8 - discussion of environmental design

Wed 10 - present proposal for Final Sleep is Death project

DUE Wed 10:
  • Each student will formally present their artistic concept for Project 3

Mon 15 - Work day for final Sleep is Death narrative

Wed 17 - Work day for final Sleep is Death narrative

Mon 22 - Small Group Beta test Sleep is Death projects

Wed 24 - Last day of class - Play Sleep is Death narratives: Chelsea, Michael, Jacob, Gretchen, Colby, Michael, Allegra, Charlie, Ben

DUE Wed 24:
  • Project 3 completed and ready to play; half the class will go today and half the class will go on the finals day.


Wed 1 - Final at 10:45am - Finish playing Sleep is Death narratives: Kelsey, Corey, Rachel, Paul, Brittany, Jeff, Bob