Important Links

Lev Manovich
  • Course on visualization and database theory

  • Kevin Kelly At TED
  • What technology Wants.
  • Artist Statement Examples

    One description on how to write an artist statement can be found [HERE], but it is far from conclusive. Here are a few good examples of digital media artists writing about their work.

    Artist Videos

    Here are some videos that relate to your work. These are good examples of how to present your work through a specific "lens".

    Demo Reels

    Group1 - craptastic

    Group2 - middle ground Group 3 - much better

    Group 4 - the Prezi model


    Hunter Grant - Used to get job at Blizzard - Cinematics

    Aaron Halifax - Used to get job at Blue Sky - Technical Assistant

    Joshua Fry - Used to get Lighting Internship at Pixar

    Tom Jech - Blizzard - Animator

    Mary Twohig - Demo Reel

    Library Liason for the Arts

    Dr. Stephanie M. Langin-Hooper
    Assistant Professor of Ancient Art History
    Bowling Green State University
    mail: 1000 Fine Arts Center
    Bowling Green, OH 43403
    office: 1018 Fine Arts Center
    email: slangin (at)