Week One

May 19
Intro to class and materials
Research and sketches: Discussing about the process of creating your term project.

Assignment 1: Create the blueprints of your references including skull, skeleton, muscular structures, and line drawing of your model in side, front, and back. DUE May 21, 2008 (10 points)

May 20
Work Section on your blueprints…..
Discussing about the anatomy

May 21
Presenting your blueprint..
Working with Maya and workflow for modeling
Explore different types of modeling techniques including NURBS, Polygon, and SubD

The final output in Polygon Mesh

In class: Building a skeleton bust for your model in Maya

Assignment 2: Model the skull and upper skeleton base on your photograph of your model. (Tracing is allowed due to the time limited.) DUE May 26, 2008 (10 points).