Digital Sculptors

Meats Meier
Scott Eaton
Kazuhiko Nakamura
Mariano Steiner
Olivier Ponsonnet
Max Wahyudi

Traditional Sculptures
Wim Delvoye
Kris Kuksi

Anatomy Resources

3D resources (ZBrush)
ZBrush Cental (Free texture maps) (Free texture maps)
Lemog 3D
Download ZBrush Tools (3D Objects) ( Including ZBrush tutorials) (Pixologic_ZBrush)

3D B lender

2D resources (Good Concept Arts / Illustrations)

3D Computer Software
Autodesk Maya 3D 3d studio max (trial max to swfit3d)for Max 4 another interesting 3d viewer for web     true space     form Z

Shot Films & Animation

Interesting 3D computer animation

Stock footages and Photo references ( anatomy ) ( Lots of automotive photos ) ( Lots of textures ) ( Lots of airplane photos)

Computer hardware