Term assignments and projects

Please download the up-date of Term Assignments and Project HERE

The structures of the exercises are designed for students to understand the functionality of tools that are available in Maya for character animation and story telling. Students will follow the in-class instructions step by step as presented by the instructor. Students also need to work on given assignment for story telling. If the assignments are not completed in the class within the time allowed, you don't need to resubmit. This is because students will be working on extended exercises outside the class.

5 In – Class Exercises: There might be some adjustment regarding to exercises. This will depend on the level of students in contrast of ARTC 4130 from last semester.
(15 points) (3 point each)

Exercises One: "Walking" Due Feb 1 (2 points)
Exercises Two: "Attitude Walking” Feb 8 (2 points)
Exercises Three: "Running" Feb 15 (2 points)
Exercises Four: "Attitude Running" Feb 22 (2 points)
Exercises Five: "Lifting” March 17 (2 points)

General outline of ARTC 4140 plans 16 weeks (exclude 1 week of spring break)
Term Project

Section One: Pre-production

Week 1-3

  1. “Initial Shots Animatic with Sound " DUE Jan 20 (week 2) (5 points)
  1.  “Shots Breakdown” (QuickTime) DUE Jan 27 (week 3) (5 points)


Section Two: Production

Total of 12 weeks

  1. Two  weeks of blocking

    • “Blocking State Base on the Shots in 1/2 of Story” DUE February 3  (Week 4) (5 points)
    •  “Blocking State Base on the Shots in 2/2 of Story” (QuickTime) DUE Feb 10  (week 5) (5 points)
  1. Three weeks of Breakdown

    • “Breakdown/Re-Blocking State in 1/3 of Story” (QuickTime) DUE Feb 17 (week 6) (5 points) 
    • “Breakdown/Re-Blocking Sate in 2/3 of Story” (QuickTime) DUE February 24 (Week 7) (5 points)
    • “Breakdown/Re-Blocking Sate in 3/3 of Story” (QuickTime) DUE March 3 (week 8) (5 points)
  1. Four weeks of Re-fine Motion


    • “The State of Inbetweening of the Breakdown State in 1/4 of story” (movie)  DUE March 17 (week 10) (5 points)
    • “The State of Inbetweening of the Breakdown State in 2/4 of story” (movie)  DUE March 24 (week 11) (5 points)
    • “The State of Inbetweening of the Breakdown State in 3/4 of story” (movie)  DUE March 31 (week 12) (5 points)
    • “The State of Inbetweening of the Breakdown State in 4/4 of story” (movie) DUE April 7 (week 13) (5 points)
  1. Rough Out the composition DUE April 14 (week 14) (5 points)

Section Three: Post-production

Final Production; Composite, Lights, Motion, and Storytelling (QuickTime) DUE April 30th (week 15-17) (30 points)
Total of 3 weeks

  1. Render with layers
  2. Compositing and Editing
  3. Final Output and All Everything Together

Requirement for each of the assignment and the term projects

  • Name Convention Format
    • (your user name)_ (project name).ext
    • Example: 
      • saritds_animatic.mov or saritds_animatic.m4v
      • saritds_ block01.m4v or saritds_ block01.mov
  • Each period of class project, students must bring all the work progress to every class section until the due date.
  • The final output on all assignments and final project will be on DVD disc if the file size is larger than 700MB.
  • Credit Format on all QuickTime movies
    • Project Name
    • Your Name
    • Course/Class Section/Semester
    • Instructor Name
    • University