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Week 1 :: January 15

Part 1

(Subjects may be changed )

Introduction, overview of course and BGSU Digital Arts program

Class assignment:

  1. Write a paragraph on why you are studying to be an artist, what aspect of digital art are you interested in and, what goals do you want to have accomplished by the time you graduate.
  2. Set up Individual Class Blogs at
    1. Create another blog for the class:
      • Go to and log in then go back to
      • Click Get another blog
      • Under Blog Name type artc2010m3username - replace username with YOUR username
      • It is IMPORTANT to use this naming scheme.
      • Blog Title should be Your name's ARTC 312 Blog
      • It does not matter if you want your blog to appear in the search engine.
      • Blog Type: Student
      • Blog Subtype: College of Arts and Sciences
      • Click Create Blog
  3. Introduction to SIGGRAPH resources: SIGGRAPH Art Exhibitions Online
DEMO: Digital Camera and Basic Studio lighting

Assignment: DUE NEXT CLASS, 1/22:

Reading #1.1, Overture, pp.xiii - xxxi by Randall Packer & Ken Jordan from
Multimedia from Wagner to Virtual Reality due 1/22 available online HERE

Reading #1.2, Digital Art due 1/22 available > Here!< right click and save on your thumdrive

NOTE: there are SIX pages here (click the >> arrow at the bottom to read on!)
Watch Videos about topics in the Article :: Click Here

WRITE-UP: Please discuss the following questions / concepts with answers on your BLOG:

  1. Describe the changes in Computer Science's development before and after World War II.
  2. Choose the artist/researcher you are most interested in from the reading. (probably one of the hyperlinks).
    • Research the artist and find a few artworks. Copy and paste the URLs in your blog as links
    • Write a paragraph about the artist and what interests you about him/her from a historical standpoint
    • Write another paragraph that talks about their most recent artwork.
    • You can include a few images in your blog as well, if you like.
  3. What is the one thing about Computer Graphics history that you were most surprised to learn about from the reading? Why? 

Part 2

Introduction to OSX system; Test Logins to homework folders
Resolution & compression lecture; Key Imaging Tools

DEMO:  Photoshop - Introduction to Photoshop Tools and Layers
Handout: Photoshop Notes

Introduce Project 1
See Examples of self-portraits :: Click Here


  1. DUE: Reading #1.1 & Write-up (posted on your BLOG)
  2. SIGGRAPH Research - Results posted on your blog due 1/22
  3. Roll of 36 source images due 1/22 (10 best posted on Blog)
  4. Reading #1.1 and 1.2 (Digital Art) due 1/22


Week 2 :: January 22

January 22

Part 1

(Subjects may be changed )

Discuss Reading #1.1 (Packer/Jordan) & Reading #1.2 (Paul)
DEMO: Photoshop Tools & Layers

DUE: Source Photographs (Actual Prints or Digital Files on BLOG)                  
Assignment: Bring interesting things to class to scan (cool textures, etc.), due 1/22
36 digital photos (self portrait), due Thurs 1/22 

Click on links to see some work of my favorite artists

Part 2

Group Crit: Break into 4 groups: students display their 10 key images from their roll and discuss their ideas, referring to artist influences based on research (#1.2).     

DEMO: Scanning:: objects and photos - workshop in class;
More Photoshop: (Tuestage/collage, more layers, clean up scans, levels)
DUE: Bring 5 images/objects to scan
36 digital photos (self portrait)

Assignment: 5 scans, due 1/29


Week 3 :: January 29

Part 1

(Subjects may be changed )

DEMO: More Photoshop

Working with scanned images

5 scans (objects, photos, etc.)


Part 2

            Work Section



WEEK 4::

February 5

Part 1

(Subjects may be changed )

PROJECT #1 DUE!!! Upload to class folder BY 2:30pm ** WE WILL START PROMPTLY!! **

DEMO: Preparing files to print:  Flatten tif, RGB mode, Gamut warning
Work Day - individual meetings

Visit Fine Arts Print Lab (room 202 FAC)
See printers and scanners; file formats, printing substrates, and pricing  

Directions for handing in your images to the class homework folder for Critique under Submitting Files

Part 2


  1. 2 prints FROM OUR LAB, room 202 (minimum 8x12 inches) due Thursday  2/12
  2. ** You may print additional prints for Extra Credit **
  3. (NOTE: Your final images should be Reworked based on critique feedback PRIOR to printing for the best grade).
  4. FINAL, reworked images (5) due dropped into Homework Folder on 2/12.
  5. The final prints on 2/19.
  6. Reading #2-1 & Response Video art, pgs 78-113 (Rush) DOWNLOAD THE READING HERE
  7. Blog Entry: Project 2-1 (Reading Response QUIZ) Due Tues, Feb 19



WEEK 10 ::

March 19

Introduce Project 3

Screening of relevant works :: Gibbons, "Barbie's Audition" :: Campus, "Three Transitions" :: Deren, "Meshes of the Afternoon" :: Wegman, "Selected Works" :: Birnbaum, "Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman"

In-class Assignment: Reading #2-2 Handout on Framing / Shot terms (one page) for March 26 (download >> PART 1 and PART 2 ) DUE: Reading #2-1 and Blog Entry: (Reading Response QUIZ)

WORKSHOP: Introduction to Video Camcorder (movements, functions, etc.)

Homework Assignment: Due MONDAY March 22, 12pm post deadline:
Concept proposal for Project #2 (in paragraph form) due March 22 POSTED TO BLOG
Write a professional, well-written Project Proposal in paragraph form. This must include:

  1. your concept clearly stated
  2. what type of footage (location, who is in the video)
  3. your intention (what you want the audience to think about the piece)
  4. audio details, sequencing and shots, and timing
  5. It must be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed.
  6. You must POST IT ON YOUR BLOG!

Homework Assignment: Due March 26:

PART 1: READING AND RESPONSE QUIZReading #2-1 & Response: (Due start of class March 26) Video art, pgs 78-113 (Rush) DOWNLOAD THE READING HERE

1) Answer the Blog Entry Quiz: (posted before start of class March 26) Project 2-1

2) Please create a new post on your blog, called Video Art Quiz. Copy and paste the following questions into the post, and respond accordingly. Use the link at the bottom to find more information on the artworks.

3) Name an Early artist mentioned in the article for CONCEPTUAL WORK performing in front of the camera. Describe a work. (2 points)

4) Name an artist mentioned who deals with PERSONAL NARRATIVE. Describe a work. (2 points)

5) Describe the piece you were most interested in viewing after reading this article. Look the work up on the links, and expand on Rush's comments. (2 points)

6) What do you better understand now about Video Art? (2 points)

7) Based on Rush and this article, what makes Video Art vs. an "artful video"? (2 points)

Use this page of links to find out more about the artists discussed in the article and screened in class.

PART 2: Preparation for next class: (due March 26)
1) Shoot 5 minutes of video ANYTHING!! Bring tape to next class!
2) Bring Camcorder (and Mini-DV tape) to next class.  Information on borrowing camcorders at BGSU

PART 3:  Professional Storyboard: (Due March 26)
Assignment: Storyboard: After your concept posted on blog is APPROVED, create your storyboard for NEXT CLASS - March 26.   Download Printable Template
Your storyboard must contain ALL of the following 6 items:
1. A sketch of each shot
2. Description of plot/action of narrative
3. Intended cuts or transitions
4. Camera work (close-up, midshot, etc), if your footage
5. Sound description and intentions
6. Estimation of timecode (minutes:seconds:frames)


WEEK 11 ::

March 26

WORKSHOP: iMovie (intro to iMovie & Digitizing) DOWNLOAD ITS iMovie TUTORIAL HERE

More Screenings :: Kuchar, "The Inmate"

Critique Storyboards

Demo: iMovie: Importing Audio and Images Click Here for Free Sound Download sites

More Screenings :: Montano, "Mitchell's Death" :: Individual Worktime

DUE: concept for Project #3 (posted to blog for grade & feedback) Mini-DV tape with 5-minutes of something you've shot (anything) & Camcorder (to digitize in class)

DUE: Storyboard for Project #2

DUE: Storyboard for Project #3;   Mini-DV tape with 5-minutes of something you've shot (anything) & Camcorder (to digitize in class)

Clips digitized in iMovie (checked off for grade) for next class, April 2.


WEEK 12 ::

Arpil 2

Individual Worktime;

Demo: How to save your iMovie files as flattened movies

DUE: Clips digitized in iMovie (checked off for grade)


WEEK 13 ::

Arpil 9

Critique - Project # 3 :: Video Projects due copied into Homework folder, complete for critique

How to turn in your final video DUE: Project #3 .m4v file

Introduce Final Project
Students will be responsible for making an online Artist Portfolio that expresses their style that has emerged this semester.

Assignment - Final Project Research: surf the web and find artist portfolios that inspire you.

WEEK 14 ::

Arpil 16

WEEK 15 ::

Arpil 23

WEEK 16 ::

Arpil 30


WEEK 17 ::

May 7