General outline of ARTC 414 plans

General outline of ARTC 414 plans 16 weeks (exclude 1 week of spring break)

Section One: Pre-production
Total of 3 weeks

  1. Two weeks of rigging;
    • 1.1. Checking and cleaning the topology of models for animation
    • 1.2. Testing the resolution on joint placement with Smooth bind technique
    • 1.3. Body Rigging: Basic level is just enough for animation
    • 1.4. Body Rigging: Intermediate level is for adding stylistic of expression.
    • 1.5. Facial Rigging: Basic Level
    • 1.6. Facial Rigging: Intermediate Level Skinning:
  2. One week of skinning;
    • 2.1The Smooth Skin Bind Pose vs. Rigid Skin Bind Pose


Section Two: Production
Total of 10 weeks

Basic Structure

  1. 3D animatic structure
    • Complete the flow of the story
    • Complete the sound and timing
    • Complete camera shots (cinematography)
  1. The structure of Animating scenes ( bases on Camera shots)
    • First blocking with Pose to Pose technique
      • Key Pose Action
      • Break Down the Key Pose Action into the Extreme Key
    • Second Refine the blocking with Straight Ahead Technique
    • Third Creating the In between with Function Curves

Details Breakdown of Production Total of 10 weeks

Two weeks of 3D animatics

  1. Breakdown your shot with Timing and Composite sound following the actions.
  2. Re-define 3D animatic

Four weeks of blocking and breakdown states of animation

  1. Blocking State; this state, you will create an extreme key of your action, base on the poses. A single pose of your character(s) in each action on the shot(s) must convincingly express the emotion even if without the facial expression.
  2. Breakdown state; is to add a second state of your extreme key to define the subtitle or direction of your motion without going in the In betweens State.

Four weeks of animating: Define the motion through animation function curves

  1. The In betweens State; controlling the function curves after default Inbetweens have been created by Maya function curves. (F-curves)
  2. Finish up your final animation


Section Three: Post-production
Total of 3 weeks

  1. Post production
    • Out put the sequential images on each shot
      • Output separated layers in Maya program for rendering
      • Finalize in After Effects
      • Output into video format