Term assignments and projects

Term assignments and projects

The structures of the exercises are designed for students to understand the functionality of tools that are available in Maya for character animation and story telling. Students will follow the in-class instructions step by step as presented by the instructor. Students also need to work on given assignment for story telling. If the assignments are not completed in the class within the time allowed, you don't need to resubmit. This is because students will be working on extended exercises outside the class.

5 In – Class Exercises: There might be some adjustment regarding to exercises. This will depend on the level of students in contrast of ARTC 413 from last semester.
(15 points) (3 point each)
In – Class Exercises One: The poses: “What would you do?”
In – Class Exercises Two: Timing and Spacing: "Walking with the real physicality"
In – Class Exercises Three: Exaggeration, breaking joints, arc, and overlap action "the walk/Run"
In – Class Exercises Four: The Anticipation and Overlap Action(follow through/drag): " Jumping”
In – Class Exercises Five: "Facial Expression”


Term Project

Assignment One: “Initial Shots 3DAnimatic: The Timing” (QuickTime) DUE January 20 (Week 2) (5 points)

Assignment Two: "Rigging" DUE Jan. 27 (week 3) (5 points)

Assignment Three: “Skinning” DUE Feb. 3 (week 4) (5 points)

Assignment Four: “Final 3D animatic” (QuickTime) DUE Jan. 29 (week 3) (5 points)

Assignment Five: “Shots Breakdown and Timing” (QuickTime) DUE Feb. 12 (Week 5) (5 points)

Assignment Six: “Blocking State: “The Pose to Pose” (Base on the Shots in 1/4 of Story) (QuickTime) DUE Feb. 19 (week 6) (5 points)

Assignment Seven: “Blocking State: “The Pose to Pose” (Base on the Shots in 2/4 of Story) (QuickTime) DUE Feb. 26 (week 7) (5 points)

Assignment Eight: “Blocking State: “The Pose to Pose” (Base on the Shots in 3/4 of Story) (QuickTime) DUE March 5 (week 8) (5 points)

Assignment Nine: “Blocking State: “The Pose to Pose” (Base on the Shots in 4/4 of Story) (QuickTime) March 19 (week 10) (5 points)

Assignment Ten: “The State of In-between of the Breakdown State in 1/2 of story“DUE March 31 (week 12) (5 points)

Assignment Eleven: “The State of Inbetweening of the Breakdown State in 2/2 of story“DUE April 14 (week 14) (5 points)

Assignment Twelve: Final Production; Composite, Lights, Motion, and Storytelling (QuickTime) and rendering of the scenes with a minimum of 10 images

  • (Section One: DUE May 6 at 10:45 am until 12:45pm) (week 17) (30 points)
  • (Section Twoe: DUE May 8 at 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm) (week 17) (30 points)

Requirement for each of the assignment and the term projects

  1. Each period of class project, students must bring all the work progress to every class section until the due date.
  2. Every movie file that you turning must include the Credits following information
    • Beginning: Title and your name
    • Ending: Give credit to people that helped: Audio
    • Special thanks to...
    • Software optional Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University, 2009copyright 2009
  3. For all five in class exercises, you will need to turn in only Quick Time movie (720x480pixels) with H.264 compression in class folder. Don't turn in Maya files. 
    • All files must name follow this format; username_assigmentname.extension
  4. For all 12 assignments, you will need to turn in at the beginning of the class during the final review day. Following the list below:
    • Quick Time movie (720x480pixels) with H.264 compression in class folder using the name convention as follow: username_assigmentname.extension
    • Create a playable DVD with the following on it:
      • 3d animatic from Assignment Four
      • Blocking Reel (or the Pose Reel) : all combine from  Assignment Six – Nine
      • Final Animation
      • Animation Arts: rendering of the scenes with a minimum of 10 images

You are required to update your artworks on your digital arts student portfolio during this semester.