January 8th
Introduction to class and materials
Animation in Maya

January 10th
Set Maya 2008 Animation preferences
Basic stuff taught: How to set up frame rate, animate real time, prefs, tangents on spline, flat or linear by default,
intro to graph editor, timeline, copy paste keys and move key, duplicate key, export key frame
Basic key animation in Maya
Intro to Sound with Adobe Audition Sound Audition Relationship of sound to visuals Controlling animation;
Time Slider, move/scale time range Previewing animation; play blast Fcheck Intro to key frame animation

Exercise one: Animopt

Project One “Animopt” due January, Thursday 24th (Quick Time H.264) To do first assignment: (anim. single or group) Moving position, rotation, scale Animating color



January 15th
More Key frame animation Grouping and Hierarchy Controlling Channels and Attributes for animation Basic Graph Editor

Exercise Two: The Physics of Motions, “The Mass and Weights”

January 17th
Intro to post production with After Effect



January 22th
Exercise Three: The Shots with a Roller coaster

January 24th
Critique: Project One “Animopt” due today Revise Version of Project One: “Animopt” due January 29th


January 29th
Revise Version of Project One: “Animopt” due today Path Animation Working with camera in Maya Basic Squash and stretch Intermediate Animation Concept; Timing and spacing* Intermediate Graph Editor Intermediate Controlling Function Curves in Animation (F-curves)

Exercise Four: A Ball Character: “Rigging and Animating”

January 31st
Animation with Deformers Action/Reaction Continue on Exercise Four: A Ball Character: “Rigging and Animating”

Project 2: First part, “IT BOUNCES - story board” due Feb, 5th