January 2005

Week 01

(Jan; Tuesday 10 and Thursday 12)
Tuesday 10

(First day 3 stories discussion; 20 minutes in a group of 3 people)
Joint characteristic and option
Ex 01: Create skeleton

Assignment One: "Story" ( make sure you have the theme for your story)
(Type on Paper to present in the class and turn in document file in home work folder) DUE Jan 12th


Thursday 12

Presenting Assignment One: "Story"
Working with FK
Ex 02 : FK hand motion DUE January 17th
Assignment Two: Script of your story DUE Jan 17th


Week 02

(Jan; Tuesday 12 and Thursday 19)

Tuesday 17

Review your script
Review FK hand motion

IK Single Chain and Rotate Plane characteristics and options.
Ex 03 part 1: Character Rigging

Assignment Three: Storyboards DUE Jan 24th


Thursday 19

Continue on IK Spline handle.
Working with connection, component, and expression editors.

Ex 03 part 2: Character Rigging


Week 03

(Jan; Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 )

Tuesday 24

Review Storyboard
All about walking
Working with provided skeleton( or in class rigged character ) and walking cycle.
Ex 03 : walking circle
Assignment Four: "Rough Animatic" (Scan your storyboard( Modified your storyboard) and compose with sound) DUE January 31st
Assignment Five: "Walking in style" DUE January 31st


Thursday 26

Work day


Week 04

(Jan; Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 )

Tuesday 31

Review Assignment Four: "Rough Animatic" and Assignment Five: "Walking in style"
Camera cut