February 2006

Week 04

(February; Thursday 2)

Thursday 2

Working with provided skeleton and running cycle.
Ex 04 : running circle
Assigment Six: "Running"
Due Febuary7th

Week 05

(February; Tuesday 7 and Thursday 9)

Tuesday 7

Review Assigment Six: "Running"
Working with a provided skeleton and jumping
Ex 05: jumping
Assignment Seven: "Jumpping" DUE Febuary 14th

Thursday 9

Work day

Week 06

(February; Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16)

Tuesday 14

Review Assignment Seven: "Jumpping"
Working with a provided skeleton and weighting (heavy and light)
Ex 06: Heavy weight object
Assignment Eight: "Heavy Lifting " DUE Febuary 21st


Thursday 16

Working with a provided skeleton and weighting (heavy, medium, and light)
Ex 07: Light weight object
Assignment Nine: "Light Lifting " DUE Febuary 21st

Week 07

(February; Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23)

Tuesday 21

Reveiw Assignment Eight: "Heavy Lifting "
Assignment Nine: "Light Lifting"

The shots; create dummies for your scene and redesign your cameras.
Assignment Ten: "Camera Animatic" Due Feb 28

Thursday 23

Skin Deformer
Rigid Skinning and indirect skinning.

Week 08

(February; Tuesday 28 )

Tuesday 28

Skin Deformer
Smooth Skinning