There are 6 in class exercise, 3 assignments, and one final project.

In Class Exercises

Exercise One : Animating translation, rotation, and scale.
Exercise Two:
  Bouncing Ball  
Exercise Three:
Exercise Four
: Using Flying Airplane to Create Camera Cuts
Exercise Five:
  Character Rig (sack)
Exercise Six:
  Character Animation (Jumping sack)


Assignment # 1   "Animoptical." Due January 26,2005 (movie file)
Students will create an abstract animation with some simple movement, such as translation, rotation, and scale. You may consider animating an optical illusion movement with simple movement. You can also animate color attributes, as you are desired. The minimum of an animation is 30 seconds.

Assignment # 2   "It bounces." Due February 9, 2005   (movie file)
Students will animate a bouncing ball and tell the story through its bounce. This animation will allow students to demonstrate the understanding of the principle of traditional animation concept, such as timing, spacing, easing, exaggerating, squashing, and stretching. The minimum of an animation is 30 seconds.

Assignment #3 "HA Robotics." February 23 (movie file)
Students will animate a mechanical movement that demonstrates how the objects work. This animation should be a complete rendering and output to AVI or Quick Time movie. The subject is open for this assignment. The minimum of an animation is 30 seconds.

Final Project. Due May 2, 2005(On DVD and On tape)
The subject is open for the final animation project. Students need to consider what your most interest is. Research the topics that relate to your idea recommended. There are some key elements that support a good animation, such as target audiences, humor, and the usage of animation, story, and design. The minimum of an animation is 40 seconds.

The final project is divided into 4 parts to create the final product. Please see the detail below.

Final Project Part 1: "Story Idea."(Paragraph of Story)   Due April 6, 2005
Final Project Part 2: Final Story Board    
Final Project Part 3: Animatic Quick Time with sound. Due April 11, 2005
Final Project Part 4: The Final. Due May 2, 2005