2nd Thursday
Hierarchical animation and Exercise Four (Robotic)Continue
Constrain objects
Assignment # 3 part 2"HA Robotics.-animation" Due February 16


7th Monday (spring break March 7-13, 2005)
spring break - no classes

9th Wednesday
spring break - no classes



14th Tuesday
Trouble Shooting on “HA Robotics

16th Thursday
Critique: Due Assignment #3 "HA Robotics." February 23” (movie file)


21st Tuesday
Working with camera (Multiple camera views with key framing vs. stand alone camera views)
“Broadcasting techniques” and “Looking inside the cuts”
MAYA RENDERING ; sequential images
Real world camera techniques

Rigging character: Skeletons, Joints, IK, and controllers
Set Driven Keys
Binding and edit smooth Skin deformer

Exercise Five: “ Rigging a sack model ”

Final project part 1: “2 Stories“(Typed paragraphs of stories) DUE March 23th

23rd Thursday
Present the two stories
Animating character jumping
Exercise Six: " Jumping sack "

Concept art development
Viewing: Examples of finals Storyboarding

Final project part 2: due April 28th
2.1 Final Story
2.2 Story Board


28th Tuesday
Review Storyboards
Concept art development
Viewing: Examples of finals Storyboarding
Story Development
Start working on scene / character modeling (You should not get into too many details on modeling, texturing, and lighting at this point yet.)
Final project part 3: Rough animatic QuickTime DUE April 29th
( you can scan your storyboard, add sound, and so on for animatic.)

29th Thursday
Review animatic on screen (Final project part 3)
Continue working on scene / character modeling