Course overview

This class is designed to introduce the students to Bowling Green State University's Digital Arts department. In this course we will cover digital imaging, digital painting, 3d imaging, story boarding, animation and basic interactivity. The work in this class will be evaluated for admittance into the digital arts program.


Required materials for this course
Throughout the course, you will be expected to back up your work.

Storage such as USB Thumb /flash drive (at lest 128MB), USB external hard/USB+Firewire drive any size

Money for prints art FLAAR or Graphic Design Lab

Note* Due to the natural complexity of computer system and programs, you may need to work outside of the class to complete your assignments and projects. You must be a self-motivated and please have fun with your project.

Requirement for each of the assignment and the final project

Note* Please see the assignment page


Approximate Grade Emphasis

Grades are based on the quality and quantity of your work. I will also consider your participation, ambition, commitment and development of your work from one project to the next. The following will be considered on grading:

Craft - Technical ability and craftsmanship
Concept - Visual thought process. The ability to interpret course concepts inventively, the ability to search for and discover methods and ideas with insight, and the ability to organize clear visual relationships.
Ambition - The ability to study effectively during class hours, the ability to accomplish work on a weekly basis, and the ability to apply constructive discussion during the class.
Productivity - The amount of work completed and how complete the works are.
Development - How much of your work has been developed and improved since the beginning of the semester.

A = Outstanding, excellent work 100 - 90 points
B = Above average work 89 - 80 points
C = Average work 79 - 70 points
D = Below average work 69 - 60 points
F = Failing work 59 - 0 points


1 absences = excused
2 absences = grade lowered 1 letter grade
3 absences = grade lowered 2 letter grades
4 absences = grade lowered 3 letter grades
5 absences = fail course. Dropping course recommended

Being late to class three times will be counted as one unexcused absence. Likewise, leaving class early will be counted as an absence unless approved by instructor.

Student Needs
Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis or a disability, please come and talk to me after class or during office hours.

Lab Rules:
All students must fill out the on-line student information form. Failure to fill out this form will result in losing your account. Use of beepers and cell phones is prohibited in the classroom environment. Please turn them off during class hours.